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My Ramadan Coloring Book by Quote Lovin'


Title: My Ramadan Coloring Book

Illustrator: Quote Lovin'

Publisher: Self-Published

Age: 5-8


Islamic Content: Ramadan


Concerns: None



This Ramadan coloring book is organized as a daily activity for the mini Muslims. Each day includes an identical ibadah tracker and a different coloring page next to it.



I love activity books that my kids can do independently without having me to sit beside them and explain what they need to do with every flip of the page. The daily ibadah tracker is the star of this book. It is visually easy to follow and keep up with. It includes the fard prayers as well as the sunnah, Dhikr, dua, Qur'an reading, fasting and the good deed of the day. It is so wonderful that this book can be used by both boys and girls. This year my son is 7 and this book is perfect to start tracking his daily prayers in the month of Ramadan. I actually appreciate the lack of density of this book because I have been looking for something like this so it doesn't actually feel like additional homework for him. This is a great simple option to add to your child's daily activity option.



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