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Nadia & Nadir Series by Marizeh A. Ali

๐Ÿ“š Nadia and Nadir - 6 Book Series ๐Ÿ“š

Author: Marizeh A. Ali

Illustrator: Lulu Stellune

Publisher: ABDO Publishing


Islamic Content: Muslim Family, Eid, Ramadan

Concerns: Walking under the Qur'an for blessings


Nadia and Nadir are a sibling duo that explore different seasons and settings. They prepare for Ramadan, they celebrate Eid, they care about the environment, help those afflicted with natural disasters and more.


This book set is an early read chapter book series. It explore different scenarios with the inseparable sibling duo. They are fun and lovable, promote imaginative play, quality family time, cultural pride. The books are well written and the illustrations are nicely done. I don't know about you but love that the chapters have titles, it gives me the impression that the book is well organized and thought out. Nadia is the older sister, so at times she chimes in about what she learned at school and explain certain concepts to Nadir. Their faith and culture is present in nearly every book, in some more than others. They are playful and part of the local community at large. In the book where they visit Pakistan, the grandmother holds the Qur'an above the door and the family walks under it. It states that it is done for prayers and blessings. This is not a Sunnah and needs to be clarified for your kids. Also, it was unusual for me that the family prayed the Eid salah at home and not with the community. Other than that, the physical quality of the binding is incredible. The books are sold as a set or separately, so you can be selective of the titles you want to get for your kids.

For those who have enjoyed and loved books such as the Yasmin Series as well as Sadiq Series, these books are additional options in the same genre/age group.

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