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Najma by Anousha Vakani


Title: Najma

Author: Anousha Vakani

Illustrator: Ayesha Sohail

Publisher: MGP Books @mgpbooks

Age: 6-11

Rating: 9/10 ๐ŸŒŸ


Najma loves the stars. With the guidance of her astronomer mother, she discovers them in a beautiful way through the telescope. While Najma learns the star facts, she uses her imagination as if she is among them every step of the way.



This book just makes you fall in love with Najma and the stars. The beautiful story takes the reader through the different types of stars and some of their facts. Among all the scientific definitions taught, the most important lesson is who their Creator is. The bond between mother and daughter is highlighted so beautifully here and the final connection and gratitude to Allah is expressed so tenderly. The illustrations are so dreamy which really set the soft tone of the story. However, musical notes are illustrated all over one of the pages but the text only implies the stars are performing on stage. (Swipe to see) I would have loved to recommended this not only for your personal bookshelf, but even for Islamic schools and masjids if it weren't for the visually shown musical symbols.

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Sep 2/2019

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