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Never too Small by Zanib Mian

Never too Small by Zanib Mian

This powerful book carries a message of encouragement, bravery, kindness, friendship, and family in order to overcome fear. It is written in rhyme and it flows beautifully from beginning to end.

The illustrations are fun and vibrant. It presents a diverse set of characters and their families including a mother in hijab. This book is meant to target all families not just a muslim audience. The profound message of this book really resonates with kids all ages.

One small bump that I cannot get over is on one of the pictures shown above. It reads "Don't ever be scared of what might go boo, because I am always here to watch over you." These are the encouraging words from older brother to younger sister who is afraid of the dark. My kids from a young age know that the only one that watches over us is Allah. So the wording on the above mentioned paragraph doesn't really rest well with me. In hindsight, this book is not advertised or sold as an Islamic book.

My kids love the flow of the book and the catchy written language is wonderful. It certainly tackles a very important subject.

Apr 3/2019

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