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Now I Know My...Alif Baa Taa! by Fawziyyah Adunola-Emiabata


Title: Now I know My...Alif Baa Taa!

Author: Fawziyyah Adunola-Emiabata

Illustrator: Elly Tengku

Publisher: Finder Publications @finderpublications

Age: 4-8


Islamic Content: Arabic Alphabet and Tajweed


Concerns: None



This is a wipe-clean book that teaches the Arabic Alphabet. It comes with a dry erase marker to use on its glossy pages. The same format is followed throughout the book; a two-page spread for each letter. One side has a clever description and shape of the pertaining letter, the other is the tracing practice page. In addition to the large individual letter on the tracing page, the kids can practice to write each letter formation in the beginning of a word, middle or end. I actually really like this book because the full color appeals to the little eyes and they can erase and re-use the practice pages. Younger kids will have a blast tracing and as they get older they will be able to independently read the letter descriptions. Although it does target children, I think this book would help individuals of any age that are beginning to learn and practice Arabic letters.


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