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Olive Harvest in Palestine by Wafa Shami


Title: Olive Harvest in Palestine

Author: Wafa Shami @palestineinadish

Illustrator: Shaima Farouki

Publisher: Independently Published

Age: 4-8


Islamic Content: None


Concerns: None



Noor and Manal are neighbors and best friends. They join their family and friends to harvest olives from trees that are over a hundred years old. Everyone spent their day collecting olives and getting them ready for processing. The next day they visit Manal's Dad to the olive press so they can see just how the olives they picked are turned into olive oil.



This book takes the reader through the amazing Palestinian tradition of Olive harvesting and the making of olive oil. It is narrated from third person through the children's experience and contribution. Through this story, the reader is able to get a glimpse of this Palestinian tradition that is part of Ramallah's history, family tradition, traditional food and the power of community. We also learned some intriguing facts about the Olive trees and its fruits. This lovely story not only is it a great way to familiarize our kids with such a unique tradition of the Palestinian history, but a great reminder for the adults not to forget this part of the history. Definitely a valuable book to have in your bookshelves.


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