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One Perfect Eid Day and No More Cake by Suzanne Muir


Title: One Perfect Eid Day and No More Cake!

Author: Suzanne Muir

Illustrator: Azra Momin @azramomin

Publisher: Compass Books @compassbooks

Age: 3+

Rating: 10/10 ๐ŸŒŸ


This counting book takes the reader on an Eid journey from the night before when Ramadan comes to an end. Followed by the experience of the day of Eid until the evening when there is no more Eid cake left.



I had seen this book quite often online and wasn't quite sure what to expect. This rhyming book touches on all aspects of a typical Eid day as it counts up to ten then goes back down to one again. Eid preparations come under way on the last day of Ramadan with the baking of cakes, stitching on new clothes, gifts and toys, and most importantly, the gathering of families to celebrate. I really fell in love with many aspects of this book; the fun vibe, its ability to draw the kids back to it over and over again, the wonderful illustrations and the overall concept. Last but not least, jazak Allahu khayran to @compassbooks for sharing these wonderful books with us. They are a great addition to our library and I'm sure will do the same to yours.




Oct 3/2019

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