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Our Creator & Aadam the First Prophet by Umm Ilhaam


Title: Our Creator & Aadam the First Prophet

Author: Umm Ilhaam

Publisher: Dar Ul Kitab Publications

Age: 3-12


Islamic Content: Allah (swt), The story of Aadam a.s.


Concerns: parts of information used in the story of Aadam is unnecessary for kids and causes confusion. See full review.


Our Creator: This book is straight forward and introduces children to Allah (swt) and his attributes. The amount of text in the book suggests it is for toddlers and preschoolers. However, the small size paperback makes it difficult for little hands to hold and enjoy.


Aadam (a.s) the First Prophet: this book is the same size and visual style as the previous one, assuming it is a series. However, this book is denser in its content and information. Thus it would be geared towards middle grade readers. So comparing the two, I am confused by the target audience in mind. It is filled with referenced ayat and hadith throughout. The end of the book indicates that the story has been derived from 3 main sources: Tafseer of Ibn Kathir, The Stories of the Prophets by Darussalam and the Story of Adam by Abu Hakeem.


Now my problem is that there are additional details in this story that I don't think serve a purpose for the young readers. Some details are not confirmed in the Qur'an or the Sunnah, rather taken from the Israiliyat texts which are referenced in Ibn Kathir. For example: an entire page that describes the status of Iblees among the Angels before Allah (swt) created Aadam (a.s.) and more. As soon as a sentence begins with 'It is said...' it just causes me to raise my eyebrows and question the content. If the ideas or claims cannot be referenced in direct authentic hadith or Qur'anic ayat, in children's books I strongly think it should be left out. All these additional details do is cause more confusion unnecessarily. Allahu alem.

There are more books in this series.


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