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Peek-a-boo Arabic Alphabet Book by Nusrat Mahwish Shahid


Title: Pek-a-boo Arabic Alphabet Book

Author/Illustrator: Nusrat Mahwish Shahid

Publisher: Little Moon Tales @littlemoontales

Age: 1-5


Islamic Content: none, Arabic Letters


Concerns: none



WOW. This book took me by surprise. This is one of those books that we just can't judge by its cover. While the front cover is designed very simply, the inside of the book is a beautiful surprise. It is an interactive book which introduces the little ones to the Arabic alphabet and Arabic words. The book opens from right to left and each letter gets two sets of a two page spread. First page spread introduces the Arabic letter and its name in English transliteration. Follows by a word with that letter along with captivating illustrations. The colourful pictures on the pages are beautiful and vibrant. The unique design of the pages even has my 6-year old intrigued. It comes with a sheet of stickers to find and match with the pictures in the book. There is also a flashcard option with the identical content. The last page includes the entire alphabet. The actual physical binding of the book and pages are of high quality. This book can be a great baby gift option for expectant/new mothers and can see it being used in Muslim childcare centers. A definite must have for toddlers.



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