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Pepperoni, Pitches (and Other Problems) by Shifa Saltagi Safadi

๐Ÿ“š Pepperoni, Pitches (and Other Problems) ๐Ÿ“š

Author: Shifa Saltagi Safadi @muslimmommyblog

Illustrator: Upit Dyoni

Publisher: Ruqaya's Bookshelf @ruqayas.bookshelf

Age: 4-11


Islamic Content: Muslim Character


Concerns: None



Olivia takes the last slice of cheese pizza in the cafeteria and Amira is left to eat her smelly egg sandwich. At gym class she is unable to bat the ball because of Olivia's bad pitches. But when Amira is caught in a pickle, Olivia comes to the rescue unexpectedly.



I have been anticipating @ruqayas.bookshelf new releases for a long while and their publications, once again, did not disappoint! Firstly, how awesome is this title, though?! I absolutely love the lesson this book has to offer about first impressions and assumptions. Truly anyone of us can fall for making the wrong assumption based on the first impression we get from others. Amira comes to this realization when Olivia shares her sweater in her time of need. When we talk about Muslim representation without having an identity crisis this is exactly what we mean. Although Amira is attending a new school, the story is based on daily life navigation rather than self-consciousness and fitting in. I really love that the protagonist is the one that errs towards a side character and learning/growing through their mistake rather than the Muslim protagonist being the one that is bullied. This is another great title to have on your shelves.



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