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Persons with Disabilities in Muslim Books

I am collaborating with @smilecanada to highlight books about Muslims with disabilities.

SMILE is an organization dedicated to supporting children and youth with disabilities with a focus on the Muslim community.

I have been following them on here for a while and when I was approached to do this collab, I immediately said yes.

I spent time researching children's stories about Muslims with disabilities written by Muslim authors for this post. It wasn't surprising that we don't actually have a huge selection and further proved to me the desperate need of these stories to be written in the Muslim Lit space.

I want to take the opportunity to call on all Muslim publishers to actively seek out authors that have these stories to tell. Stories must be told in a way that empowers kids with disabilities rather than an educational opportunity for the audience. Whether they are the protagonist or a hero of the story - ensure to represent characters with disabilities with respect and dignity where they are part of and included in the community.

Please note that some of these books on this post I have read and reviewed, while others I recently found and have not had the opportunity to read the content.

Please check out @smilecanada and their website to contribute to their much needed cause within the Canadian Muslim community.

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