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Phases of the Moon & Where is Moon Buggy by Shade 7

๐Ÿ“š Phases of the Moon & Where is Moon Buggy? ๐Ÿ“š

Publisher: Shade 7 @shade7_

Age: 0-8

Islamic Content: Phases of the Moon

Concerns: None

Summary/Review: Where is Moon Buggy?

The 'Where is Moon Buggy?' book is a newly launched specialty book for babies! Honestly, how clever!! It literally is an interactive book that comes with a attachable ring for strollers and car seats to keep baby busy and playing. The different names of the moon phases are stated on each page and with a galactic expired moon drawing where the Moon Buggy is travelling. Baby has to find the Moon Buggy on each page. There is no Islamic aspect in this book so it can be a universal book for all babies.

Summary/Review: Phases of the Moon

Phases of the Moon book had me curious ever since its launch earlier this year. It has been submitted for #muslimbookstagramawards and is absolutely stunning. The book begins with an ayah from surah baqarah and the dua we should recite when we witness the new moon (Arabic, transliteration and translation of the meaning). This book is the perfect mix of science and Islam in a book for kids +3. The names of each phase and the visual representation is in each page. The last one shows the entire diagram in one page and gas the glow in the dark feature. It has tieback so it can open into a 3D 'moon.' Aside from personal use, I can see this to be such a unique book to have in the classroom displayed on the shelf.

Phases of the Moon & Where is Moon Buggy? would be a nice little set to get for siblings of different ages. (baby and older child)


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