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Planet Omar: Epic Hero Flop (Bk 4) by Zanib Mian

๐Ÿ“š Planet Omar: Epic Hero Flop (Bk 4) ๐Ÿ“š

Author: Zanib Mian @zanibmian

Illustrator: Kyan Cheng

Publisher: Hachette Children's @hachettekids

Age: 8+

Islamic Content: Mindfulness & trust in Allah

Concerns: None


Omar is declared a school hero by his classmates when he takes the blame for something he didn't do. One act of friendship after another gives him the popularity he never intended. His lies caught up to him and there is turning back. When he finally comes clean with his head teacher, it is difficult to believe as all clues point to him.


Book 4 is the latest in this middle grade series. As always, Zanib Mian brings us another book in the Planet Omar series that has so much wit, charisma and friendship dilemmas. Omar has a huge imagination and his inner voice is what brings out the giggles in the reader. This book illustrates how one little lie, while it may seem small and harmless, it can spiral out of control and get too messy to get out of. The concept of mindfulness is explored in the classroom and extended beyond into the home life. I absolutely loved the Islamic aspects that have been so wonderfully included. Like being mindful in salah helps us concentrate and ignore the antics of younger siblings that make us laugh. Also, having trust in Allah's plan. Omar's messy situation caused him to get in trouble and when he was trying to come clean, he was not longer trusted or believed. So he trusted Allah's plan, and everything fell in its place, alhamdulilah. It really is awesome seeing my son giggle to himself as he was reading through the book.


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