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Planet Omar: Incredible Rescue Mission by Zanib Mian


Title: Planet Omar: Incredible Rescue Mission (Book 3)

Author: Zanib Mian @zanibmian

Illustrator: Nasaya Mafaridik

Publisher: Hachette Children's Books

Age: 8-12


Islamic Content: Muslim family, Du'a


Concerns: None



Mrs. Hutchinson is Omar's favorite teacher. Her sudden absence baffles everyone in class and leaves them with many questions. When Omar, Charlie and Daniel start asking questions, they find themselves in a complex mystery that is truly out of this world. Could aliens be responsible for the disappearance of Mrs. H? Their curiosity leads them to a trail of clues that only reinforces the alien abduction theory with every step. This is how their incredible Rescue Mission begins.



This is the 3rd book in the Planet Omar series. Just like the first two, this one is full of funny content, witty personalities and exciting adventures. I love how the friendship of the three boys flourishes over the course of each book. While one of the boys is a sceptic about this space-centered theory, he stuck along with his friends investigating this mystery until everything comes to light. Mrs. Rogers becomes friend of the family I really enjoyed the trip the family takes to Pakistan and the light and humorous perspective of Omar's voice describing his observations and most inner thoughts. The sibling rivalry between Omar and Maryam doesn't fail to give the reader giggles in this one and of course when finding themselves in a pickle, Omar can count on Maryam to be there by his side. These books definitely fill a void in the market that center around a Muslim boy protagonist for this age group. Throughout the book there are bits of Islamic references and information and in the end, Omar remembers to turn to Allah for the help he is truly seeking. With every book that the author, @zanibmian, publishes her talent is very obvious to the audience she is serving. Through her writing, it is clear that she prioritizes Muslim readers above others. This book set is hilarious and definitely a relatable MUST read for Muslim kids.



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