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Please Stop Sharing Unauthorized PDF Books!

#supportmuslimauthors It is ridiculous to think that taking advantage of the hard work of the Muslim authors who have worked so hard to produce material to teach and educate our kids is sadaqa jariyah. 🚫 There is a google file that is being shared with a compilation of thousands of books for the sake of doing good and benefiting the kids for free. This is illegal if the authors and/or publishers do not give their written consent. Why would they finacially invest into something only to be spread by someone for free? It can take up years to have a good quality final book put together to be sold in the market. 🚫 If you see something like this being shared and distributed, please speak up! If you unknowingly have participated in this, it is not too late to retract and tell others. 🚫 If we don't support Muslim authors and publishers in their line of work we are running the risk of them shutting down and having no future material to benefit our children's generation. 🚫 Do your part!

May 8/2020

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