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Prophet Muhammad (saws): Where the Story Begins by Farhana Islam

๐Ÿ“š Prophet Muhammad (saws): Where the Story Begins ๐Ÿ“š

Author: Farhana Islam

Illustrator: Eman Salem

Publisher: Kube Publishing @kubepublishing

Age: 7-11

Islamic Content: Seerah of the Prophet alayhisalam

Concerns: Some illustrations are questionable


This book narrates the seerah (life) of Prophet Muhammed (saws) from his birth until his trip to Sham with his uncle Abu-Talib. The book is presented in picture book format, however it is text heavy and is divided into 6 chapters.

1 - Amina and Abdullah

2 - Halima Sa'diyyah

3 - Angel Jibreel

4 - The City of Yathrib

5 - The Leader of All Humanity and

6-Why Muhammad (saws)?

The book is written textbook-like, to the point. I am really not a fan of these style of illustrations, but we keep seeing it on new publications repeatedly. Also some illustrations may be deemed as questionable as far as what and who they are depicting (the prophet alayhi salam isn't directly depicted) but some side characters are. There is nothing questionable about the text, and the end of the book has 3 listed references. This seerah book offers details yet it is written a kid-friendly text for low middle graders. If a book like this is checked and confirmed by an alim, it would give parents like myself ease and trust in the accuracy of its content.

I assume this book to be the 1st book in the seerah series, which would serve an age range that remains to be underserved. Definitely a book with important historical and Islamic benefits. Perfect book for Islamic schools and masjid libraries.

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