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Prophets Sent by Allah by Moazzam Zaman


Title: Prophets Sent by Allah Series

Author: Moazzam Zaman

Illustrator: Moazzam Zaman

Publisher: Dar-us-Salam Publishers

Age: Unsure

Rating: 2/10 ๐ŸŒŸ

Summary: 15 board books in this series, each one covering the story of each prophet. (Not all books are pictured above)

1. Adam (alayhi salam)

2. Nuh (alayhi salam)

3. Huud (alayhi salam)

4. Saleh (alayhi salam)

5. Ibrahim (alayhi salam)

6. Luut (alayhi salam)

7. Shuaib (alayhi salam)

8. Yusuf (alayhi salam)

9. Ayoub (alayhi salam)

10. Yunus (alayhi salam)

11. Musa (alayhi salam)

12. Dawud (alayhi salam)

13. Sulaiman (alayhi salam)

14. Eesah (alayhi salam)

15. Muhammed (alayhi salam)



All books in this series have a similar style, language and pictures. The publisher indicates that this series is for kids all ages however board books are normally for kids as young as two but this is still unclear to me. The stories are written in rhyming couplets with inconsistent flow and inappropriate concepts for young children. (See photos above) The pictures seem to be cropped photos which are not appealing and at times not child-friendly. Even the stories themselves seem to be all over the place, no continuity whatsoever. I attempted to read a couple of the books to my 5 year old, but this was impossible to do without tweaking the wording. He even expressed to me that he doesn't like to read the story where they killed the big camel. I am quite shocked that these books have been written, edited and approved by fellow Muslims to be sold as a teaching tool for our kids.


Learning the stories of the prophets is an important part of our religion, and instilling the love for them is even more so. As a parent, I feel it is crucial that books of religious significance like these are presented in the best positive light so the kids easily understand, have love and develop a connection in a way that they will want to read them over and over again.





Oct 25/2019

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