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Qur'an Princesses by Suad Sultan


Title: Qur'an Princesses

Author: Suad Sultan

Illustrator: Majd Massijeh

Publisher: Inspiring the Love of Islam

Age: 7-11


Islamic Content: Qur'an


Concerns: None



Layla, Nora, Sarah, Fatima and Marwa are the Qur'an Princesses. They have been attending the madrassa for two years and have been working hard on memorizing the Qur'an. Today, is special because Marwa will be tested for her complete Juzz Amma memorization. When she gets home, there is a surprise party to celebrate Marwa's important accomplishment.



This book is jam packed with Islamic gems and Qur'anic ayat. It teaches many ayat and their meaning, du'a and highlights the value of the Qur'an. Honestly, for parents and teachers this book would be an ideal example from so many angles: the characters are presented to be so well mannered, referencing ayat at every turn, perfectly remembering the appropriate dua, etc. However, I can't help but question, how relatable can this be to kids reading this book? First of all, as a reader, I was confused. The book is presented as a picture book, yet it is so heavy with text. Secondly, it really comes across as preachy with the overwhelming amount of Islamic information. How much of it will actually stick to the reader? Islamic references in books are key, but doing it tastefully and naturally in a storyline is what has the most impact for the reader. Ideally, if the themes were separated into a book series where each story focuses on one of the five characters and has teachable Qur'anic ayat related to the plot, it can be so much powerful and beneficial to the Muslim readers.




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