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Ramadan and Fasting Activity Book by Aysenur Gunes


Title: Ramadan and Fasting Activity Book

Author: Ayşenur Güneş

Illustrator: Ercan Polat

Publisher: The Islamic Foundation

Type: Fiction

Age: 3+

Rating: 10/10


Islamic Content: Ramadan



This Ramadan activity book is engaging and fun. Each page includes different activities such as tracing, spot the difference, colouring pages, connect the dots as well as a few sentences relating to different aspects of Ramadan. I really like the size and quality of the book. The topics covered are fasting, suhoor, iftar, good deeds, taraweeh, Laylat ul- Qadr and of course Eid ul- Fitr. My kids really liked this activity book and they got ahold of it before I could take the photos. The stickers seem to be a big hit with them as they search for the appropriate pages they go on. My only regret is that I have purchased one copy instead of two. 🤦‍♀️


I got my copy from Amazon.



May 10/2020

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