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Ramadan Around the World by Ndaa Hassan


Title: Ramadan Around the World


Author: Ndaa Hassan @ndaahassan

Illustrator: Azra Momin @azramomin

Publisher: Self-Published

Type: Fiction

Age: 4-11

Rating: 10/10 ๐ŸŒŸ


Islamic Content: Ramadan


Concerns: None



In this book, we follow the crescent moon as it travels around the world to show us just how different people, in different places celebrate Ramadan. The moon visits kids in these special places: Texas, Mexico, Brazil, Senegal, Morocco, Scotland, Turkey, Egypt, Palestine, Medina, Pakistan, Malaysia and Australia. While some sight the moon, others decorate their homes. When some are generous with their favourite dishes, others share their wealth with the needy. When some help their parents prepare iftar at home, others join large communal meals. โญ


This book is one of those books that you truly don't realize that you needed until you've added it to your home. The quality of the text, language, detailed illustrations, and overall presentation make it clear how much effort, time, and work has been put into the making of this book. It begins with two ayahs that Allah describes the diversity of people, tribes, languages and colours [49:13 & 30:22]. Then moves into a short intro of what Ramadan is and what Muslims do during this blessed month. Then the moon begins her Ramadan journey with the kids around the world and celebrating with their families during Ramadan. The book touches on some unique aspects of some of their traditional foods, drinks, attire and more. Not only does it include diverse races, but also it is diverse in the children's abilities and health conditions, which is brilliant. The illustrations are done in bold and vibrant colours which really well highlights the richness of different cultures. With each new character, slightly different aspects of Ramadan are touched on: suhoor, fasting, charity, family, community, iftar, sharing, generosity, taraweh and reading the Qur'an. This is one of the many parts of the book that is well done, how all these blessings of Ramadan are well incorporated with different characters in the book.

In the end, there is a glossary that includes all unfamiliar terms used in the book as well as additional information about Ramadan. I would recommend it not only to Muslim families, but to classrooms and libraries to expose the diversity of Muslim community around the world.


Available: @ramadanaroundtheworld, @sirajstore, @crescentmoonbookstore



Apr 12/2020

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