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Ramadan by Hannah Eliot

Updated: Apr 11, 2021


Title: Ramadan

Author: Hannah Eliot

Illustrator: Rashin

Publisher: Little Simon

Age: 0-3


Islamic Content: Ramadan


Concerns: Illustrations show woman praying in front of the man, eating with the left hand.



This board book gives a basic introduction to Ramadan. It highlights that this month is for increasing in good deeds, prayer, family, kindness and generosity.



This book is kept simple in language and text to cater to the target audience, toddlers. Although it covers some of the essential components that keep Muslim families busy during this month, I felt like it was mainly highlighting family togetherness as the central aspect of it all. Ramadan is about rekindling our connection God, the Creator, through good deeds. It is the month in which the Qur'an was first reveled. Neither Allah or the Qur'an was included here, so it is a big miss in my opinion. The community is shown diverse in many aspects; skin color, clothing, age. The style of illustrations is unique and captivating, they keep the eyes of the little one busy throughout. Thus it took me a couple of reads to notice how the illustrations are actually out of touch in representation. Among a few other minor things, the most problematic one is the page showing a woman praying in front of a man. If we are going to produce a book to represent Muslims (or any other community for that matter), we expect that the work is done diligently in all aspects instead surface level representation.




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