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Ramadan Moon by Na'ima bint Robert

Ramadan Moon by Na'ima bint Robert

In a matter of a few days, Muslims all over the world will be looking for the new moon to announce the start of the month of Ramadan. 🌒 So having my Ramadan book recommendation start with this book, I thought would be fitting.

This beautiful book portrays the essence of what Ramadan is all about. Ramadan is not only a month of fasting, it is about nightly family suhoor and prayers, frequent masjid visits, Qu'ran, laylat ul-Qadr, increase in goodness, generosity, charity, manners etc. The beautiful poetry is captivating and so are the illustrations.

Highly recommend this lovely book to Muslim families and school libraries/classrooms.

Keep an eye out for other posts on books related to Ramadan.


Apr 30/2019

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