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Back in July of 2019, I did an honest and raw review of a non-fictional resource book of Eid ul-Adha. In it, I expressed true concerns about the poorly done research that resulted in an unreliable final product. (I will share that post in the stories). Without hesitation, I pinpointed to some critical issues we see today in the publishing industry: the lack of opportunities given to our voices and the laziness towards the necessary research when it comes to resources representing a minority.

I decided that the publisher should be made aware of its inaccurate content and I solely copied and pasted my review and sent it to their website. Their response came as an unexpected surprise: they offered me the opportunity to provide my feedback in their new book, "Worship With Me at the Mosque." And this is what it looks like.

When I started this page, I had two things in mind: 1-seek the ultimate pleasure of my Lord through reviews that offer an Islamic perspective. 2-enable accessible and honest reviews to navigate parents to make informed decisions when investing in their child's reading collection. A year later, this was above and beyond anything I ever thought that would come out of this.

Through this experience, a reflection that I have come to better understand is: whatever our path or passion is, we should never underestimate the power of Allah and the unexpected opportunities He has planned for us. He, the All-Knowing, is the best of planners, alhamdulilah.


Jan 27/2020

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