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Remarkable Muslim Women Throughout the Ages by Maryam Yousaf

๐Ÿ“š Remarkable Muslim Women Throughout the Ages ๐Ÿ“š

Author: Mariam Yousaf @themuslimbookshelf

Illustrator: Sheeba Sheikh

Publisher: Muslima Today

Age: 11+

Islamic Content: Muslim Women

Concerns: None


This is an incredible compilation of round up of 20 Muslim women who have made extraordinary contributions in their communities in various times of history. The book includes women of the pre Islamic era, Mothers of the Believers, Sahabiyat, Educators, warriors, IT genius and more. I love the diversity of the women selected, some I have known about, others I was introduced to for the first time. This book is an easy to read treat. Each biography includes bullet points of reflections/summary as well as a list of discussion questions. This book not only empowers Muslim girls to achieve great things, but should be a learning source and encouraged to be read by Muslim boys as well.

In non-fiction books like these I mostly appreciate that the author has put in an effort to ensure adequate research has been done to elevate the quality and accuracy of this book. As a parent and a masjid librarian, I definitely appreciate that the author has been diligent with having a credited alim involved in the process of producing this book.

I definitely recommend it for Muslim classrooms and personal bookshelves.


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