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Resilient Rida and the Cochlear Implant by Manal Wazeer


Title: Resilient Rida and the Cochlear Implant

Author: Manal Wazeer @manalwazeer

Illustrator: Tahira Rifath

Publisher: Self-published

Age: 5-10years

Rating: 10/10 ๐ŸŒŸ


Rida wants to raise money for his friend's little brother in order for him to have a cochlear implant surgery to help him hear. Rida and Panda, with Umummi's help, host a bake sale at the masjid that resulted in little funds. They come to realize that they will need much more than another bake sale to collect enough to cover the cost for this surgery. Thus, they turn to Allah SWT in dua.



So many great takeaways in this story:

1. An introduction to cochlear implants

2. Friendship

3. Generosity and, as the title says, resilience

4. The power of Dua

5. Two of Allah's names, Al-Razzaq and Al-Mujib, and their meanings

6. Patience

7. The prostration of thankfulness

I love that this story introduces the young readers to a disability in a positive light. It is not meant to be heavily loaded with emotion and information on the causes or struggles of a person with hearing loss, rather a lighthearted glimpse of it. The determination of Rida to contribute to this great cause and reach his goal is a wonderful example for the kids. Amazing to have direct connection to learn about Allah's attributes that related to the main story and having the prostration of thankfulness thrown in makes the story more real and complete. There is a lot of text in this book so the younger kids may get distracted during reading time. Overall, this book is an excellent pick.


Aug 21/2019

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