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Room for Everyone by Naaz Khan

๐Ÿ“š Room for Everyone ๐Ÿ“š

Author: Naaz Khan @naazkhan

Illustrator: Merce Lopez

Publisher: @simonkids

Age: 3-8

Islamic Content: Muslim characters, mentions Alhamdulilah

Concerns: None


Musa and Dada are on the daladala on their way to the shore of Zanzibar. As they ride along, the driver makes stops along the way to pick up other passengers and their belongings. Musa keeps on insisting, there is no room, but somehow manage to squeeze everyone in.


More and more room? How can that be?! This is such a fun and comical story that keeps the readers giggling and squirming. I read this book 3 times to myself out lout before I read it to my kids. It is written in rhyme and the rhythm of this wonderful read is just spot on! The text includes passengers and/or their belongings in numerical order from one to ten, and ends by counting them down again in a clever way. (Ie: one bike, two goats, tree fruit baskets... etc.) The illustrations are absolutely incredible and bring the text on each page to life. Islamic touches throughout the book are just so perfect. A man in a thobe and kufi, many women in hijab, referring to each other as brother/sister. In addition, we have learned a few words in Swahili and the bright, bold colours of clothing is just stunning. I am just so glad that I purchased this book on a whim. It has been an impulsive buy that I definitely do not regret. This book would be a great option for a classroom read-aloud!


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