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Sadiq and the Desert Star by Siman Nuurali


Title: Sadiq and the Desert Star

Author: Siman Nuurali @simannuurali

Illustrator: Anjan Sarkar

Publisher: Capstone Publishing

Age: 7-10


Islamic Content: Muslim Family



After his father told Sadiq about a special star in the sky that he observed in Somalia when he was a child, Sadiq was determined to find that special star too. The Space Club has decided to partake at the school Spring Festival to raise funds to build their own telescope, so they can use to explore the stars at night.



This book is part of a 4 book series. It begins with an introduction to Sadiq and his big family, some information about Somalia as well as translations of Somali terms included in the story. I love books like these: they showcase the ethnic background of the protagonists while being portrayed as every-day citizens of the west doing everyday things. This early chapter book story teaches valuable lessons: teamwork, planning and working hard to reach your goal. I truly love Sadiq's family and their roles in the story:

- his father tells him about special childhood memories

- his older brother, Nuurali, helps him research telescope options

- his mother and sister helps make sambuus to sell at the Spring Festival

- his younger twin sisters misplaced one of his parts he needed to build the telescope.

The book ends with a list of new glossary terms, discussion topics and instructions for a DIY telescope. This book brings so much to the table and needs to be in all school classrooms along with the others in the series. There are 4 new titles to be released in the fall this year!! Keep an eye out!


Available everywhere books are sold.



July 8/2020

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