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Sadiq and the Fun Run


Title: Sadiq and the Fun Run

Author: Siman Nuurali @simannuurali

Illustrator: Anjan Sarkar

Publisher: Capstone @capstone_pub

Type: Fiction/Non-Fiction

Age: 7 - 11

Rating: 10/10 🌟

Islamic Content: Visibly Muslim Family

Concerns: None


Sadiq wants to tryout for the football team for the very first time along with his best friends Zaza and Manny. His parents feel that he is too young for the dangerous sport and suggest that he does track instead. While Manny and Zaza are having a blast at exciting Football practice, Sadiq is not quite finding himself in the Running Club. He struggles to find the excitement of running because everyone can do it. With the help and guidance of his older brother and his running coach, Sadiq is able to see the importance of this sport. Can he win the Fun Run Sadiq and his team members are training for?


This is 1 of 4 books in this Sadiq series. It is a great early chapter book for kids 8-11. The first two pages give an introduction to Sadiq, his family, their Somali background and definitions of Somali terms used in the book. I really love books like this: just your average Muslim family dealing with shenanigans of daily life. There is lots to learn from this story. Sadiq finds himself struggling to find contentment between following his parents directions, his disappointment of not pursuing his desired sport, and the strain he is facing with his friends due to this. A very well written story that kids at that age can relate, not just when it comes to sports but anything that sets them apart from their best friends. Many books written with Muslim protagonist focus on 'fitting in' and being accepted: this book is different. It doesn't focus on the fact that Sadiq's family has a different perspective, rather it focuses on Sadiq and his growth to find the best in his sport although it wasn't his first pick. The illustrations are bright and fun. This book also includes a list of glossary, reflection questions and home workout suggestion. I would highly recommend this book for your home, school libraries and classrooms everywhere.

Jan 9/2020

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