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Sadiq and the Ramadan Gift by Siman Nuurali


Title: Sadiq and the Ramadan Gift

Author: Siman Nuurali

Illustrator: Anjan Sarkar

Publisher: Capstone

Age: 6-9


Islamic Content: Ramadan, Sadaqa


Concerns: None



Sadiq and his friends plan an iftar fundraiser to help upgrade a school in Somalia. As they work on the details, Zaza just doesn't seem to show any interest to participate with the rest of the team. Sadiq internalizes his frustration with his friend and finally bursts out.



Sadiq is a remarkable early read chapter book series. The protagonist is a Somali American and each book, including this one, has an introduction to Sadiq's family, facts about Somalia and more. This particular book is about community, generosity, charity, and friendship all tied into the month of Ramadan. Islamic terms as well as Somali words are so naturally sprinkled throughout. I love that it provides a double layer conflict for the readers to navigate through as they advance in their reading journey. Everything about this protagonist and his family is so beautifully portrayed. Their faith is part of their lives, unapologetically while balancing daily life. His family shows love and support while Sadiq independently takes on tasks on his own. This is a definitely must have book (and series) for your early readers.


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