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Sadiq Series by Siman Nuurali

๐Ÿ“š The Clean Water Crew and Community Garden ๐Ÿ“š

Author: Siman Nuurali

Illustrator: Christos Skaltsas

Publisher: Capstone Books

Age: 7-9

Islamic Content: Muslim characters

Concerns: None

Summary: Sadiq and the Clean Water Crew

Sadiq and his class take a trip to a nearby pond to explore and take notes. He notices many dead fish in the pond and with a bit of research, he learns how important clean water is for wildlife. He organizes a new club that can implement some ways the class can contribute to keep the community waters clean.

Summary: Sadiq and the Community Garden

Sadiq recruits volunteers to clean up an empty lot in their neighbourhood and turn it into a community garden which will give families a space to plant their favourite vegetables.


Just like all other titles in the Sadiq series, these ones showcase how to be a contributing and valued members of the community you live in. Taking care of the environment, is a responsibility that fall upon us all. Ensuring the community is clean for everyone who share the space is all of our responsibility. One of many reasons I like this series is that it never takes faith or culture to be a crisis or a clashing identity with the character's school life, friendships or his surroundings. It is naturally there, unquestionable. A great early read series that focuses on STEM messages.


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