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Salaam: Mindfulness for Muslims by Humera Malik


Title: Salaam: Mindfulness for Muslims

Author: Humera Malik @booksforlittlemuslims

Illustrator: Najwa Awatiff

Publisher: Green Key Press @greenkeypress

Age: 7+


Islamic Content: Emotional Well Being through Faith


Concerns: None



Our religion provides tools to navigate all aspect of life including mindfulness and well being. I am so happy to see books about emotional health that directly ties to Islamic healing. Having these important sources compiled in one book for our kids to have easy access and displayed in a practical way, is truly amazing.


This book can be served as a resourceful tool to navigate overpowering emotions. The approach is simple yet functional: each emotion has a reminder related to it, dhikr or dua to help through it, and a two-page illustrative diagram as a visual checklist. Although this book is aimed at kids, it can be extremely beneficial for all ages. The reminders and sayings are either Qur'an or Hadith, so the reader is likely to learn something new. The emotions covered in here are: afraid, angry, disappointed, grief, jealousy, lonely, overwhelmed, sad, shy, sorry, upset, worried and grateful.


I absolutely love the infographics, the arts style and the colour tones are beautiful. They can be very useful in classroom settings in poster format as a visual display. The illustrations include a diverse set of characters. All in all, this is a wonderful book to have in personal shelves or classroom settings.





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