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Salaam, World! by Samia Khan


Title: Salaam, World!

Author: Samia Khan

Illustrator: Teresa Abboud

Publisher: Prolance Publishing

Age: 3-8


Islamic Content: Salaam, Peace


Concerns: None



If the world needs anything these days it is a sense of peace, safety, security and dignity. Books work wonders. They can be a fundamental source in shaping little minds and help them digest huge ideas in simple terms.

This book introduces the word 'Salaam' and provides an explanation of its meaning from the original, Arabic. It is written in mostly fun and easy rhymes. The illustrations show a wide range of animals throughout and encourages diversity. It is a sweet book with a beautiful message of peace, kindness and respect. I did expect that it would include a connection of this word to its Islamic roots, but it didn't. It mentioned that Muslims use it, other than that it sticks to its linguistic definition. The text includes the full phrase (assalamu alaykum) and the appropriate response (walaykum salaam). Overall a fun and enjoyable read for the age group that teaches a valuable sentiment.

"Sending peace and happiness to all,

No matter how little, big, short or tall."

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