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Salam Alaikum by Harris J.


Title: Salam Alaikum: A Message of Peace

Author: Harris J

Illustrator: Ward Jenkins

Publisher: Salaam Reads

Type: Fiction

Age: 3+

Rating: 10 /10 🌟

Islamic Content: Message of Peace

Concerns: None


This beautiful book shares a message of peace and kindness through the very common Muslim phrase 'Salam Alaikum.' The message itself is very universal and powerful so it can be read to kids everywhere, Muslim or not. The illustrations are amazing and they tell as much of the story if not more. Each page, shows the character paying it forward with kindness which is shown so beautifully. When I read it with my kids we normally go through it twice, once reading the text and the second time we discuss what happens on the pictures. It seems that this book is based on lyrics of a song but it doesn't give that impression when you read it. I would definitely recommend this book and the powerful, positive message it holds.

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Feb 9/2020

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