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Salih by Inda Ahmad Zahri


Title: Salih

Author: Inda Ahmad Zahri

Illustrator: Anne Ryan

Publisher: Ford Street Publishing

Age: 6-11


Islamic Content: Muslim Characters


Concerns: None



Little Salih carries his home on his back. He is set out on a journey to find a new home. Along the way he discovers a way to express the memories of what he has left behind. His journey takes Salih across the sea and into new horizons.



Oh this book. This story. Grapples with a concept that has so much depth, formulated with words and pictures that reveal the inner most occurrence of a displaced child looking for safety. This book does an excellent job at exploring the journey in the eyes of the child, yet it brings the intensity of this voyage to life. The concept of loss, displacement, uncertainty, and hope are explored and the colour pallet compliments the text beautifully. Salih tried to keep his spirits up by remembering the good that they had left behind, but the terrible events that he has witnessed take charge. I really had to slow down and absorb each page I held before me. Refugee stories, they sit with me, and connect with me in a special way. This book is powerfully remarkable.

It is written and published in Australia. I am so thrilled to find diverse Muslim voices being published all around the world and taking up space.

I am grateful this book exists and I am grateful that it takes space in my bookshelf.



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