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Same and Different by Ayaan Adan


Title: Same and Different

Author: Ayaan Adan @samendifferent

Illustrator: Sean Winburn

Publisher: Author House

Age: 3+



Adam is learning to walk. At first with help and guidance, then on his own. He plays, eats his food, takes a bath and is a little dreamer. With each one of his activities that are typical for everyone, something unique is shared about him. His tracheotomy, his hearing aid, as well as his peg tube.



I personally learned a lot from this book. It begins with a 2-page acknowledgment that includes the very personal experience of the author that inspired her to write this book. (Her son's rare condition called Nagar Syndrome.) The book does an excellent job at introducing in simple terms the unique tools that Adam uses to help him accomplish some of his daily tasks. I really like how natural, and ordinary Adam is portrayed without overwhelming the kid-readers with information. This book definitely sparked some questions from my 6-year-old in a very curious way, which I loved. The layout is quite simple, the text on the left page and the illustrations on the right. The intent of the book is to bring awareness and introduce readers to unique how some daily tasks are accomplished through different means by some. A few pages are interactive, asking the readers to breakdown the big words or counting the hearing aids. I think the counting question needed to be more specific to the hearing aids laying on the floor. My son insists that Adam has 4 hearing aids in total instead of 3 as the text suggests. This book isn't targeted to Muslim readers only, but to everyone. It is written by a Muslim author. There were a couple of unusual wording structures that I noticed on the last page. It is a unique book that has given me the opportunity to discuss a new concept with my little ones.


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May 27/2020

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