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Samosas are so Yummy by Asma Sara Ali


Title: Samosas Are So Yummy

Author: Asma Sara Ali

Illustrator: Natasha Faltinek

Publisher: Self-Publish

Age: 3-7

Rating: 7/10 ๐ŸŒŸ


This little girl talks us through samosa- making fun and samosa-eating experience in this book. Samosas, a delicious savoury treat that is perfect to eat anywhere and anytime. She indulges together with the family or snacks on her own.



This fun book takes the reader through a cultural dish that plays a huge part in the little girl's life. Through the delicious samosa, she bonds with her dad during a basketball game, she celebrates with her extended family and cooks them with her parents. There are unfamiliar words used in this book that I had to google, (aloo, keema, chaat) and makes me wish there was a glossary. The text is written in rhyme and is mostly consistent. There is mention of 'birthdays' in this book, I would have preferred to be left out. Other than that, it definitely is a fun book that kids can relate to, specifically those that are familiar with samosas.


Aug 24/2019

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