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Sarah's Journey to Salah by Umm Inaayah


Title: Sara's Journey to Salah

Author: Umm Inaayah

Illustrator: Muhammad Khaidir

Publisher: Fitrah Beginnings @fitrah_beginnings

Age: 5-10


Islamic Content: Prayer


Concerns: None



Throughout the day Sara has learned about the five daily prayers and how their timing relates to the Sun's position. With different members of her family she learns the importance of prayer, why we pray, Who we pray to and more.



This picture book follows Sara as she spends her day with different family members and no matter what they are doing, they ensure to stop and complete their prayers on time. Along with Sara, the reader will learn gems and virtues around the salah. Due to the amount of text in the book this can be considered an advanced picture book. My kids really enjoyed it and found the book to be captivating especially because they learned nee tid-bits. Reading this as the adult, I wish Sara wasn't so oblivious to the act of prayer, not knowing what it is even though her family is a regular. But I understand that the purpose of it all is to teach the readers through her perspective. My favourite thing about this book is that it provides 3.5 pages of authentic references they used to put this story together. As a reviewer and a parent, this brings a sense of ease and comfort about the validity of the sources used. Overall, it's beneficial, authentic and important to have in Muslim shelves.





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