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Say SubhanAllah! by Najia Rastgar & Lyazzat Mukhangaliayeva


Title: Say SubhanAllah!

Author: Najia Rastgar & Lyazzat Mukhangaliayeva

Illustrator: Zainab Arshad

Publisher: @2curioushearts

Age: 0-3


Islamic Content: SubhanAllah, 4 Seasons


Concerns: None



Am I the only one who is ready for Spring to come? After noticing the lack of boardbooks that I have in my collection, I went on a search and find quest. The amazing this is that there are so many stunning Islamic boardbook options for our little ones now, it truly is a blessing.


This high quality board book is a simple introduction to new words of the season. The highly contrasted colours are very attractive and make the pages pop. The tree is used as a focal reference with all the different phases it lives through the year. I am really impressed with the overall physical quality of the book, very sturdy and the matte finish is wonderful to the touch. Along with a few new words relating to each season, the repetition of 'SubhanAllah' is definitely going to help the little ones with remembering it. I am so glad that this book combines a common Islamic word with those from our daily surroundings like the seasonal changes. It makes it appealing and natural.


InshaAllah hoping to seek more board books this coming year so we can serve our community's newest and smallest members with the biggest hearts who are ready for exploring.


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