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Secret Recipe Box by Helal Musleh

Secret Recipe Box by Helal Musleh

This is a wonderful book about family, heritage, and learning from past experiences of the elders to create new traditions in a new place.


Maha is excited to have her grandmother move in with her family from overseas. She is eager to learn all about Palestinian cooking from the hands of her grandmother. Her Teta shares this special box that hold traditional recipes along with sentimental items from her childhood and youth. Maha discovers cultural and family tradition, sense of community and generosity that she never knew before.


Although this book does not directly reference any Islamic lessons, it was definitely a cultural enlightenment for us. The last page includes Arabic words and their definition that relate to the story. This lovely story would be a great addition to any bookshelf looking to make their kids' book collection diverse.


Mar 8/2019

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