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Secret Recipe Box by Helal Musleh

I spent my morning deciding on articulating a response to this 'both sides' sentiment that I am seeing from kids bookstagram community, which has internally been triggering me.

Instead, I wanted to channel my energy differently. I decided to share this book about the true essence and resilience of the Palestinian people.

Uplifting children's books that tell Palestinian stories.

This is a wonderful book about family, heritage, and learning from past experiences of the elders to create new traditions in a new place.

Maha is excited to have her grandmother move in with her family from overseas. She is eager to learn all about Palestinian cooking from the hands of her grandmother. Her Teta shares this special box that hold traditional recipes along with sentimental items from her childhood and youth. Maha discovers cultural and family tradition, sense of community and generosity that she never knew before.

Secret Recipe Box

Written by: Helal Musleh @myeverydayclassroom

Published by: @ruqayasbookshelf


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