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Shameema's Ramadan Activity Book by Shameema Dharsey


Title: Shameema's Ramadan Activity Book

Author & Illustrator: Shameema Dharsey

Publisher: Self-Published

Age: 4+

Rating: 9/10


Islamic Content: Ramadan



I'm so glad this book has made it in time before Ramadan has ended so that my kids can use and enjoy it before it is over. This activity book contains many types of activities for kids ages 4 and up. It begins with a few basic facts about Ramadan and a Ramadan fasting tracker. It has multiple pages of connect the dots pictures, maze challenges, beautifully detailed colouring pages, matching the words to their meanings, spot the difference pages, trace the dotted lines and more. Each page has an information bubble that related to the pictures. It also covers the 5 prayers and pillars of Islam. It finishes off with a Eid Card colouring page and cut out.


This activity book keeps my kids busy and interested for long periods every time they get their hands on it. This is definitely one of the better quality books and illustrations I've come across relating to Islamic activities for kids. The illustrator has other Muslim activity books available as well. Note: it contains the name of Allah in Arabic that is integrated in the activity, which, we know has to be taken care of with due diligence.


I got my copy from Amazon.





May 16/2020

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