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Sitti's Olive Trees


Title: Sitti's Olive Trees

Author: Ndaa Hassan @ndaahassan

Illustrator: Soumbal Qureshi

Publisher: @ramadanaroundtheworld

Age: 3-8


Islamic Content: visibly Muslim characters


Concerns: None



When Reema asks her grandmother why she rubbed olive oil on her hair, this sparks a discussion of the value that olive oil holds for Sitti. She fondly narrates her childhood memories as she reminisces about her family and the historic tradition of olive trees in the villages of Palestine.



The deeply rooted tradition of olive harvesting is beautifully portrayed in this picture book through Sitti's narration. It is obvious that the sweet interaction between grandmother and granddaughter set the tone of the storyline. Cultural gems are cleverly placed throughout the pages in the gorgeous illustrations. This book also provides factual information about olive trees and olive oil. The rich cultural tradition of olive tree harvesting is emphasized to be a generational tradition of its people and connects Reema to her family roots. While Islam is not at the center of this book, the women are shown to wear traditional Pa!estini@n dresses with hijab. There nothing about the current realities happening in P@lest!ne, this book can spark a gentle discussion about why Reema cannot visit her family's olive trees in their homeland. Finally, it concludes with a hopeful tone in the story that one day she will visit. Definitely glad I have added this book to our bookshelf.




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