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Solar Story by Allan Drummond


Title: Solar Story

Author & Illustrator: Allan Drummond

Publisher: Macmillan Kids

Age: 4-8


Islamic Content: visibly Muslim characters



Nadia and Jasmine live in a small village in Ghassate, Morocco. While their simple village life remains undisturbed for years, they have seen trucks driving through for the big changes happening. In class, they are learning about solar energy and sustainability. They go on a field trip to see the biggest solar plant in the world located in the desert of their village where the sun shines down daily. In their plant tour, they see familiar faces working and contributing. As they take on an assignment on sustainability, the kids come to realize the huge impact solar power is making on people's lives.



Wow. This non-fiction book teaches the little minds solar energy and sustainability. It touches on the simple life of the small community living along-side the biggest solar plant, the Noor Solar Power Plant. A few facts, descriptions and maintenance of the plant mirrors are mentioned in the story which I loved. It describes sustainability in everyday life of those in the community. New skills, new college, new jobs and businesses were discussed in this picture book. Three additional side notes are included: about Morocco, another about the Noor plant and also about sustainability. The author's note includes actual pictures of his visit at the plant and Ghassate. The big words and concepts might make the very tiny minds wander. Although there is no Islamic content, the Islamic attire are shown on the illustrations throughout. Since the setting is in a Muslim country, part of me wishes that at least the Muslim greeting would be included in the story instead of just a 'Hey' but that's just me. I most certainly love books that show our faith through illustrations while discussing other daily matters, and especially this one that teaches a science topic. That just shows our little readers that Muslims contribute to great things to improve the world, not solely religion. Definitely a great resource to have.



July 4/2020

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