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Stories of 20 Mighty Muslim Heroes by Tamara Haque


Title: Stories of 20 Mighty Muslim Heroes

Author: Tamara Haque @mightymuslimheroes

Illustrator: Trisha Bose, Soundos Rezig, Ghada Ezzat

Publisher: Independently Published

Age: 7-12


Islamic Content: Muslim Scientists/Thinkers/Leaders


Concerns: None



This book is a compilation of 20 Muslim heroes, men and women, who have played important roles and contributed to their community or the world at large. The historical individuals are very diverse and religious in nature.



Wow. Every Muslim household, classroom, library and Islamic Center needs to have this book. This list includes Scientists, Leaders, Teachers, Conquers, librarians, Surgeons, Explorers and more. (see the list of names on the photo slide). There are familiar names such as Nusayba ibn Ka'ab or Ibn Sina as well as individuals I had never heard of like Razia Sultan or Zheng He. We all know how important it is for us and our children to become familiar with Muslim individuals who have greatly contributed to science and technology whose studies have been used to advance it to what we know it today. However, that became even more clear to me when I read this book out loud to my 7 year old and we discussed the individuals as we went through them. I love that this line up was arbitrary in the sense that it included such a variety of Muslims with distinct accomplishments rather than choosing to focus on a specific category. This book is incredibly inspiring and empowering for our Muslim children and fills that great void that they do not get in schools elsewhere. Seeing that this book does not fixate on the religiosity of these important figures, it can be a great addition to any diverse bookshelf. It includes a glossary list as well as a bibliography.


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