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SubhanAllah 'YOU' by Tasmea Mahmud


Title: SubhanAllah 'You' (Personalized Book)

Author/Illustrator: Tasmea Mahmud

Publisher: Wish Upon My Story @wishuponmystory

Age: 0 and up


Islamic Content: Allah's Blessing


Concerns: None




When Allah gave you to us,

He answered our every dua.

You were a special creation

-the only one, the only you!

Perfected by the Creator.'


This is a newly launched personalized Muslim baby keepsake. It is written like a letter from parent to child, reminiscing from newborn moments onward. I absolutely love that, although the book centers around the child, it continuously and naturally emphasizes that Allah is the source for this blessing. Furthermore, it makes mention that the very first thing the child hears is the adhan recited by their father and includes the aqiqa, the sunnahs taught by the Prophet (saws). The name of the child is repeated throughout, and the meaning of their name is part of the story, which reinforces the personal touch in the book. In addition, the child's daily shenanigans are incorporated as they let their curiosity lead their senses. This sentimental keepsake that relates Muslim families' Islamic traditions is one of its kind. The soft style illustrations are so gorgeous from one page to the next. This would make a beautiful gift for the little ones in your lives, a gift that can be cherished for many years.



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