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Supporting Muslim Authors and Publishers

Supporting Muslim Publishers and Authors

One of the many ways we can support Muslim Publishers and/or Authors is by purchasing from them directly instead of a third party like Amazon.

The book on the left is an Amazon Print copy and the one of the right was sent to be by the publisher, @noor_nursery_books

The quality of the physical books can't even compare. See side by side photos.

Amazon Copy:

1. Thin, flimsy cover and pages.

2. Slightly paler print.

3. Basic binding.

Publisher copy

1. Thick cover and thick quality paper pages

2. Bold colour print

3. Sturdy, high quality binding.

I know that the publishers have options to choose from when it comes to the quality of the print. But because Amazon takes royalties from publishers/authors this leaves them with little choice in the end. When we support them and their businesses directly, that means they can continue to serve us and our children with great quality books.




July 11/2020

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