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Surah Strips & Colour Me in Surah by Anjum Vahora

๐Ÿ“š Surah Strips & Colour Me in Surah ๐Ÿ“š

Author: Anjum Vahora @teachingtwolittles

Age: 6 and up

Islamic Content: Curriculum for Reading and Memorizing Qur'an

Concerns: None

Summary/Review: Surah Strips

Jumuah today and this review is the perfect one to do on this blessed day.

The Surah Strips is a unique method to help *anyone* to read Arabic and memorize Juzz Amma. This book has been well thought out and executed. The instructions are very clear, and thorough in the first couple of pages. The teaching technique is unique and reinforces the ayahs for the kids, and adult alike.

This technique is like a 'match the ayah' approach. cut-out the ayahs from one sheet and match them to the Control Pages. All ayahs are colour coordinated, which is a great visual help. I can see homeschooling moms and especially Qur'an teachers benefiting with this source to teach their students Qur'an.

Colour Me in Surah

Colour Me in Surah is an interactive way to for anyone who needs to practice the corrosive text of the Arabic language. It is the complete Juzz Ammah on a large size book to be coloured in. When my kids first saw it, they were book colouring on it while reviewing their Qur'an.

I think it goes without saying that since both these products contain ayahs from the Qur'an, it needs to be dealt with care and mindfulness.

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