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Tales of Mini Maryam by Kosser Abdul Aziz


Title: Tales of Mini Maryam

Author: Kosser Abdul Aziz @kosserabdulaziz

Illustrator: Taha Abdalla

Publisher: IHRC Press

Age: 3-7


Islamic Content: common phrases to use



When Mariam's buggy came crashing down, she reminds her mother to say 'Hasbi Allah'. When Mariam played in the rain, she felt cold sneezed. She remembered to say 'Alhamdulilah'. She also knows how to use her manners and use her greetings of peace.



This adorable book is a compilation of 6 little tales from mini Maryam's daily life that highlight commonly used Islamic words/phrases. These tales aren't meant to be stories with a dilemma that needs to be solved, rather short scenarios displaying when these phrases would be used. It was really refreshing to see the author has included 'Hasbi Allah', and the dua for leaving the house above the basic words we tend to focus on. The tales are independent thus they can be read in random order. The length of each one is different and so is the order. I would have liked to see some sort of sequence in the stories, for example, begin the book with the Bismillah story, etc. Maryam's silly personality comes through in each scenario, although on the story where her father went to Umrah, I felt that it was stretched a bit much. However, my kids seemed to like her exaggerated expressions. Overall it is an adorable book with a cute character that the little ones will enjoy.




Aug 23/2020

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