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Taz in the City by Lulu Kaissi


Title: Taz in the City

Author: Lulu Kaissi @lulu.kaissi

Illustrator: Nouran Samy

Publisher: Prolance @prolancepublishing

Age: 4-8


Islamic Content: Charity


Concerns: None



Taz enjoys her quiet life where she savors nature in every aspect; the changing seasons, the beautiful greenery and the tiny crawling creatures. When she moves to the big city with her family, she is overwhelmed and not sure if she will be able to call her new place a home.



Moving house can be a big change for the little ones. This story shows the protagonist to be a nature-loving girl who is content with her quiet and comfortable life in the countryside. A new home, means she has to get out of her comfort zone. I like the concept of this story. The main focus is adjusting to change and finding a new way to explore nature even when we think there is not enough of it, like in busy city blocks. I love that the family has a tradition to take care of the environment as part of their normal routine. Implementing family tradition in a new place it perfectly shows that you can make a home wherever you are with your loved ones. I think the story reads a little long and some parts could have been condensed. Although, there is no direct mention of Islamic teachings within the story itself, this book was inspired by ayah [6:38] which discusses the living things existing in their communities just like us and the hadith that says 'removing a harmful object from the road is charity.' Taz's small act of charity helps her see the hope of feeling at home in the new big city.




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