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The Apple Tree by Mariam Al-Kalby


Title: The Apple Tree

Author: Mariam Al-Kalby

Illustrator: Yee Von Chen

Publisher: Prolance @prolancepublishing

Age: 5-9

*Highly Recommend


Islamic Content: Sadaqa/charity, reward, generosity


Concerns: None



Little Shaima plants a tree with her father and sees it bloom, blossom and grow its fruit. She loves her apple tree so much, she doesn't want to share with anyone. She scolds a little boy for climbing up the tree, and shoos the squirrels away, but she remembers her father's words 'The greatest reward you can receive is from Allah. It is better than all the rewards of the world'



I personally feel that this book, hands down, is one of the better stories published by Prolance. The illustrations are adorable and the story is so nicely executed to help the kids easily understand the concept of sharing your blessing with others. Furthermore, it highlights the greatness of Allah's reward for our deeds. I really love that the author has incorporated animals into the story, that they also benefit from our good deeds. This teaches the kids about kindness and generosity towards animals as well. I really like the last page where the whole neighborhood has come together to collect apples from the tree. The only flaw in this book is the inconsistent text size which I found random and annoying especially if I were to do a loud class reading. This book has a great quality and feel of the cover as well as the inside pages. It includes two hadith that this stroy was written based on. This is the 1st book out of 2 in this series.




Aug 20/2020

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